Turn Supply Chains into Supply Networks

OEC® can help transform OEM replacement parts supply chains into collaborative supply networks — facilitating speedy, cost-effective dealer-to-dealer trade and fulfillment, while maintaining market-wide lean inventory levels and carrying costs.

Quickly and efficiently source OE parts

OEC solutions aggregate the inventories of more than 14,000 automotive and heavy-duty truck dealerships, authorized OEM distributors, and specialty tire and parts accessories distributors into an intelligent, easy-to-manage and access, OEM-specific virtual parts warehouse of nearly 50 million OEM parts.

These secure, scalable virtual warehouses supplement existing OEM parts distribution facilities, helping franchised dealers quickly and efficiently source in-demand parts for improved customer satisfaction and overall brand loyalty.

Take advantage of automated referral tools

Automated tools can seamlessly facilitate in-demand parts availability and fulfillment across the network. OEC Parts Availability Solutions provide this benefit with automated dealer network referral capabilities.

Achieve 24-hour nationwide delivery

Using a configurable sourcing and backorder referral engine customized to your business rules, OEM parts logistic personnel can identify, source, and fulfill an in-demand part within 60 minutes of notification. Ideal for emergency, backordered, and mission-critical orders, this technology can achieve 24-hour nationwide delivery of in-demand parts, enhancing customer satisfaction and eliminating manual locate processes.

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