Menu Pricing

Price a service job in moments increase profitability

There was a time when pricing a job could cost a fortune in human resources. Obtaining the cost for a water pump, for example, used to take an average of ten tedious minutes. But our Menu Pricing delivers accurate prices in under ten seconds. This secure system is so easy to use, there’s no need to tie-up your highly trained staff on costing jobs anymore.

  • Delivers accurate prices in under 10 seconds and a full quote in under 60 seconds
  • Currently used by more than 10,000 dealers
  • Proven to enhance CSI ratings & customer retention

Better profitability on the menu

When you’re quoting a customer, Menu Pricing gives you valuable, business-building advantages, telling customers exactly what the price is and what’s included. This is the currency that buys you customer appreciation and loyalty, re-enforcing your reputation for honesty and openness, creating the perfect environment for you to sell more. In fact users report an average of £5 extra earned per quote.

So easy to use

We designed ease of use into Menu Pricing. It’s based on VIN / Reg, so there is only one menu to select for all operations, with full vehicle information on display. Content is to manufacturer standards, with parts, labour time and fluid quantities clearly visible. Pricing at the manufacturer / market level to deliver national promotions.

Job details are printable, eliminating errors in picking the parts and speeding up the repair process.

It's about control

Menu Pricing can be used as a secure, web based application, or delivered direct to your own DMS, with no re-keying. Lets manufacturers and markets set campaigns and manage content, pricing and participation. Regionalise jobs based on market – content, coverage, language, taxes.

Add miscellaneous items for ‘parts only’ sales. Content based on manufacturer supporting systems / data so accuracy is optimal and data sources trusted.

The supporting team are fully conversant with the industry, and taking core VM technical data to create and maintain all necessary repair data in a cost efficient and robust manner. Menu Pricing covers all fast-throughput jobs, which is 80% of your dealership aftersales business.

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