Online Booking

"We are proud that our Online Booking solution has partnered with Auto Service Finance. We have integrated our offering so that our mutual clients can process and pay for their car repairs and service smoothly and without hassle. Not only will this partnership drive revenue and help support dealerships, but it will also offer customers the benefit of interest free payment methods.

In these challenging times, we recognise the need to offer alternative and affordable payment options that create a seamless and stress-free process for all parties."

- Andreas Heider, Vice President of Product, OEC Europe

24/7 customer access to schedule service appointments

Customers are busy, their minds crowded with time consuming responsibilities. They need to service their car, but what they don’t need is having to make long-winded phone calls to book it in when they should be working or could be relaxing.

The answer is our Online Booking tool, which lets them easily and conveniently schedule the work they need done with you, not someone else.

Better for your customers and you

With OLB, customers can log on anytime day or night and be greeted by a simple, click-to-book online service workshop booking facility that looks just like your website. But while it matches your website’s look and feel, we handle all the data processing. And with OLB, they only have to enter minimal information, such as a registration number to find prices and availability, a simple process that encourages them to book.

OLB enables you to tell them what needs to be done to their vehicle and what it will cost, allowing them to book with a few keystrokes ... and at the same time, show them what you’d like to sell them, be that accessories, special offers specific to that customer’s vehicle or a new car prompted by the customer’s vehicle history.

Declare independents a bad deal

We know that independents are a challenge to your business. But OLB helps you fight back by making your offer so much easier to navigate. OLB can provide pricing model by model, or with ‘simple service pricing’ making dealer offers a breeze to understand, encouraging response, discouraging the customer’s move to an independent.

Nothing could be OLB easier

In just a few minutes, OEC will manage every aspect of your OLB account setup, liaising with you to establish your jobs, pricing and diary availability. Nothing could be easier or more productive in boosting your service bookings, cementing and extending customer relationships.

A proven track record:

  • 50% of OLB bookings originate from NEW customers
  • OLB delivers a conversion rate of over 20%
  • With OLB, bookings take less than 2 minutes to complete
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