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Take your original equipment
parts sales to the next level.

Parts Marketing Administration (PMA) technology, built on OEC’s CollisionLink® and RepairLinkSM ecommerce platforms, combines technology and automaker programs to create the opportunity to take original equipment parts sales to the next level.

OEC PMA technology provides OEMs the opportunity to capture all sale and opportunity data cementing the ability to effectively compete in a manner never before possible. With market-driven data at their fingertips, automakers have valid and timely information on what parts are, or are not, converting and at what price broken down by buyer, seller, region, or any specific geographic locale to spot trends and movement. This data enables them to correctly target the right parts to the right buyers at the right price. Most important to OEMs, it provides their franchised dealerships with the tools they need to compete effectively.

PMA provides the automaker total control to design program elements that can manipulate real-time the following market variables according to their goals and objectives:

  • Identify eligible parts/terms and upsell parts matched to non-OE parts in addition to specifying dealer reimbursement amounts
  • Incent dealers, collision or mechanical repairers, or both
  • Target segmented participation based on multiple entities including all or a portion of insurance carriers, collision consolidators, dealers, shops or by geographic locales, i.e., state, region, etc.
  • Run concurrent programs with the peace-of-mind of automated submission and expiration dates
  • Implement variable or fixed reimbursement per part based on net shop cost, dealer cost and list of OE part, list price of non-OE part, etc. with the ability to edit in-place program formulas
  • Communicate full program descriptions with real-time program changes available to dealership personnel to eliminate market confusion
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