Optimized retailer inventory for customer satisfaction and capital efficiency

The right parts in stock every day.
Efficiently service more vehicles.
Satisfy more customers.

PartsEye online Retail Inventory Management creates optimal stock orders for over 6,000 dealerships every day and ensures the parts your customers need are in stock where they need them – at the dealership, keeping service departments running with the right parts AND efficiently stocked with the power of data.

By stocking the right parts at the dealership level, manufacturers save millions in returns and handling and end capital and space issues. PartsEye monitors the health of your network with ease and can manage recall, service and business development campaigns. Know what is selling, not just what retailers are purchasing and stop focusing on responsibility (what can be returned, etc) and start focusing on customer satisfaction.

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Optimized for dealerships of all sizes

#1 Solution for Automobile Dealers

PartsEye is the #1 RIM solution in America

Automatically Have the Right Parts On-Hand

Daily optimized stock orders based on actual sales demand and inventory

Return Fewer Parts

98% of PartsEye suggested orders are retailed within 9 months

Dealer Management System Integration

Works with every DMS with no changes to system operations

Why Retailers Love PartsEye
The right parts in stock leads to more profits
  • Stock more part numbers, not more parts
  • Complete more services, boost upsell opportunities and keep technicians working with the right parts
  • Stock what you need and keep the rest in cash

The right decisions with the power of data
  • Web based means no equipment to buy
  • Training completed in less than one hour with “on demand” availability
  • Inventory health accessible daily including demand history for any part
  • Management meeting available with just a few clicks
Be efficient – Automatically
  • Process your stock order in minutes
  • Lean stock ends capital and space constraints
  • Easily manage workflow for counts & returns

The benefits of your OEM parts network
  • D2D process through your parts statement – no credit cards or separate accounts
  • Sell your slow inventory where it is selling

Call a PartsEye planner anytime
  • PartsEye is used all over the world – call anytime for support, questions or issues
Why Manufacturers Choose PartsEye
Extend your supply chain to the customer
  • Know the sales situation, not just retailer purchases
  • Sell down parts across the supply chain
  • Monitor your network health

Let PartsEye manage inventory, so you can focus on Customer Satisfaction
  • More one-day events equal fewer loaner days
  • More services and discretionary services completed

Put away the carrots and sticks and have the right inventory – automatically
  • Take your moving parts OUT of Terms and Conditions and manage them with data
  • Focus on doing what’s right to satisfy your customer
  • Enable retailers to focus on selling parts versus buying them
Reduce returns, scrap waste handling & retailer dissatisfaction
  • Flatten the curve – have greater availability everywhere in your network
  • Lower emergency orders, handling, returns and D2D while shipping more parts in daily orders
  • Return time to your retailers spent creating orders
  • Identify network issues easily and resolve them quickly

Benefit from one ordering interface & common reporting
  • Real-time look at inventory quality for the whole network
  • Fix part number issues in real time
  • Manage marketing & recall campaigns easily
  • Implement RIM without changing dealer DMS

Hear from current PartsEye users

PartsEye’s stock order is so user-friendly that it’s the simplest interface I’ve ever seen. Their reporting maximizes the benefits I receive from my factory’s parts programs by identifying which parts are candidates to return and that helps me keep my inventory clean. I’m thrilled that we now have two of our franchises using PartsEye and look forward to having it expand to include even more.

Brian McKinney, #1 Cochran Automotive

The PartsEye program has been a tremendous success at our dealerships! The control we get through reports gives us a detailed look at our inventory and identifies potential problems before they get out of control.

John Kennedy, Jr., The Carriage Group

PartsEye has the best automatic ordering system we’ve used. Switching to this system has been great at assisting with various day-to-day operations especially excess stock. Being able to contact someone and explain special situations and reasons for stocking or not stocking was a huge plus and add the fact that their customer service team are all former parts guys really makes this program second to none.

Steve Bramlette, Ballard Truck Center
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