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"I just want to say that I love CollisionLink.It saves a lot of time and gives our customers, who always come first, peace of mind that OEM parts were used at no extra cost to them. I recently sent a CollisionLink order to the dealership parts department after hours so that when they came in the next day it was there for them to start working on. This way it extends productivity hours for Dealerships and Collision Repair Shops. Bring on more technology and keep it coming. I'll use everything that makes my job easier and has cool stuff like the VIN decoder that CollisionLink has built in! In the end this all keeps the business running smoothly, with fewer part related delays, less office time wasted making phone calls. Ultimately, HAPPIER CUSTOMERS!”
Bridgitte B., Parts

“I prefer all parts orders go to dealers accepting orders online with CollisionLink. With outcomes including saved time, reduced parts returns, and buying more OE parts at competitive pricing, the benefits are simply too important to our business.”

George D., Manager
Grady Garrison Paintland Auto Body

"We always try to use OE parts; if an insurance company sends us an estimate with aftermarket parts on it, we will send it through CollisionLink anyway just to see if any parts can be converted. A lot of times, CollisionLink will help us secure a job. We tell customers what if we can have the job, we will use OE parts for the same price as aftermarket. It's a win-win situation for us, the parts suppliers, and the customers. By using OE parts, you will have happier customers and shorter times in the shop."
Dave K., Owner
Scott County Auto Center

"I’ve talked about the days before we had CollisionLink and I’m not sure how we survived without it. I don’t want to think about that now. Once you start using CollisionLink, you will not go back. I tell people that if they want my business they need to use CollisionLink too; that’s how important it is to my business. So if they are not using CollisionLink, I’m not using them. That way I don’t have to be on the phones all day and I can concentrate my efforts on something else. All it takes is one hour with CollisionLink and then you will have CollisionLink working for you."
John M., Jr., Manager
Mixson's Auto Body

"CollisionLink makes it easy to buy OE parts and stay within my margin. With one particular supplier, we match on probably 90% of the parts we write. The time savings and the money savings associated with using OE parts vs. aftermarket are huge. I wouldn’t even know how to put a number on it.”
Carl L., Owner
Lee’s Collision

"Using OE parts has a positive impact on cycle-time and CollisionLink helps us more easily get OE parts at competitive pricing against aftermarket or salvage."
Joanne V.,Owner
Judd’s Body Shop

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