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Which Business intelligence solution is best for me?

You may not know specifically what you are looking for – and that’s ok!

We would love to tell you exactly which one is best for you, but we would have to know what you are looking for to help improve your parts sales. Not knowing what you are looking for yet, is okay too! That’s what BI solution providers are for. Before you start looking at options or contacting solution providers,try to have a good idea of what you want. For example, “I want my mechanical parts sales business to have better conversion rate tracking”, would be ideal to jot down before speaking with any solution provider.

A few key features to consider in a solution:

  • Interactive dashboards that are easy to read
  • One-click access to all your parts department data
  • Combined views of all your parts sales with your Mechanical and Collision parts solutions
  • Solution shows sales mix of OE vs. Aftermarket

You can check out PSXLink to see what a BI tool should provide to get a better idea of the ideal solution for your and your parts department.

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