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Building a new customer base

Selling online is about increasing your exposure to a new revenue stream.
Mechanical dealers

“We have definitely gained new customers, including four or five that I would consider good customers. These are all shops that never used us before, and we are happy to have their business.”
Joe M., Parts Manager, Dallas Dodge Chrysler Jeep

“Shops have been under the impression that dealerships will always be the most expensive place to go. With RepairLink, they are finding it’s not so true. One of our largest-volume shops told us that RepairLink allows them to look up parts prices and compare them to aftermarket sites. The shop employee stated that 80% of the time Chrysler and GM parts are pricing out more reasonably than aftermarket.”
Don C., Parts Manager, Park Chrysler Jeep

Collision Dealers

“We get the business and we get the added bonus of reimbursement for parts through the Volkswagen Genuine Advantage parts program.”
Michael C., Parts Manager, Hallmark VW of Cool Springs

Online Retailer dealers

“We’re receiving more phone calls now, which shows people are finding us from web searches. We know now that our customers are going online to shop anyway, so why not make it easier for them and gain their business?”
Jack D., Parts Manager, Ganley Chevrolet of Aurora

“We have been able to pick up new customers that we might not have received before and it’s enabled us to get our foot in the door. You know there’s lots of fleets in town that are not based within our area but have representatives here so it’s made it convenient for us to cultivate that business and knowing that the worries of collecting a payment from someone out of state pretty much goes away.”
Scott G., Parts Manager, Mall of Georgia Ford

“Customers tell me all the time that our site is easy to navigate. We never have an issue finding parts – the site is streamlined and easy to use. When customers call in with part numbers, we’re able to navigate and find what they need quickly.”
Chris G., Parts Manager, Lakeland Ford

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