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CollisionLink Promotional Marketing Tools

Educate and encourage your shops to use using these flyers and other resources below.

CollisionLink Shop Flyer

Get More Genuine OEM Parts for Less!

Use this media sheet to show your collision shops the benefits of using
CollisionLink Shop to purchase more OEM parts and take advantage
of discounts for non-OEM parts.
Click here for the PDF
Click here for the PDF  (Spanish version)

Word Document- Add your company logo
Word Document- Add your company logo (French version)

Click here for a Spanish version
Click here
for a French version

CollisionLink Shop PMA Programs

All Makes Parts Ordering for Parts

Inform your shops about the Automaker Parts Program they can take
advantage of to get incentives when selecting OEM parts versus non-OEM parts. Download now!

CollisionLink Shop Instructions

Getting started with CollisionLink Shop is Easy!

Registering and using CollisionLink Shop is easy and can be accomplished in three easy steps.

Print out this flyer to hand out to your collision shops or personalize it with your logo,
to give them easy instructions so they can take advantage of discounts for non-OE parts and purchase more OE parts.

Flyer: Download Now!
Personalize with your dealership logo: Download now!


"On-Hold Recording"

Optimize your “On Hold” message and encourage your shops to go online with the following message:

“Tired of waiting on hold? Log on or sign up for for free and upload your estimate now to get back to business! Get access to our parts inventory, pricing, and reimbursements from some OEM’s only available to you on”

Email Signature image

Include either of these image in your email signature to encourage shops to view and order your collision parts from your dealership via

Be sure to link the banners to in your email!