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Estimator Solutions

Create estimates with confidence to intelligently increase efficiency and accuracy.

OEC has saved our shop countless hours with easy to use tools.

Jerry K.

Shop Owner, Collision

Cut Through the Noise

Whether you’re an Estimator, Blueprinter, Repair Planner, or all of the above, there are only so many hours in the day, but time consuming administrative tasks and a fast-paced market make it a challenge to stay on top of your workload.

Wasted Time

Creating estimates, tracking jobs, and keeping up with industry complexities can be overwhelming.

It’s All in the Details

So many elements go into every repair job, making it easy for details to slip through the cracks when writing estimates.

Profit Leakage

If required operations are not on the final estimate, then your team is not getting paid for the work performed.

Now for the Easy Part

Automated Accuracy

EstimateIQ intelligently analyzes labor operations, line items, and customizable charges that might otherwise be overlooked. The result? Accurate estimates that minimize supplements and increase efficiency for greater customer satisfaction.

Fast and Easy Repair Research

Looking for repair procedures doesn’t have to take hours. RepairLogic makes finding OEM repair procedures fast, easy, and collaborative through automation that connects the dots in your repair plan.

An Integrated Ecosystem

The auto repair ecosystem can be chaotic and disjointed. OEC solutions create opportunities to connect all the moving parts, so you can seamlessly see your role in the process and communicate easily with customers, vendors, and other key players.

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Connecting Your Team

Keep the repairs moving with OEC’s integrated solutions.

Find all the information you need on one screen.

Instantly access inventory, pricing, and availability information from any device.

Seamlessly integrate with other platforms you’re already using.

Automate processes that otherwise keep your team tied up in administrative work.


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