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Insurance Claim Professionals

Make your job easier while ensuring policyholders get fast, accurate settlements and safe repairs.

Having confidence in determining the prevailing labor rate in any zip code and having the accurate tax rate down to the latitude & longitude eases discussions with the shops and improves cycle time.


Insurance claims are complicated. Between calculations and communicating with all parties involved, you have a lot on your mind.

Lost in Details

Insurance claims keep you balancing accuracy and cycle time with consistency and efficiency for repairable and total loss claims; further complicated by jurisdictional compliance and carrier policies & procedures, coupled with parts and labor shortages.

Safety Concerns

You need your policyholders to have access to safe repair procedures, while ensuring an efficient repair cycle time.

Communication Breakdown

With repairers, manufacturers, and insurers all using different systems, how can you be sure you’re all on the same page?

Now for the Easy Part

Cut Through Confusion

OEC helps you get your job done without the headache. Automate tasks and take out the risk for human error with simple solutions that help you work faster. Plus, see all the information you need to make informed, confident decisions.

Safe, Consistent, and Accurate

Our data-driven claims processing solutions, coupled with editorial excellence, help claims professionals make consistent, accurate and fast decisions. Vehicle owners will benefit from safe and proper repairs and efficiently handled claims settlements.

Connected Communication

OEC solutions keep you connected to everyone in the parts and repair ecosystem. When you are all working from the same place, it’s simple to stay connected and make consistent and accurate decisions. Stop tracking down the people you need to talk to when you simplify your communication channels with OEC.

Insurance Claims Professionals Solutions

Enterprise Workflow Logo

Enterprise Workflow

Access the ability to electronically communicate with shops outside insurer network, while ensuring compliance with policies & procedures. Automobile claims workflow suite of applications, appraisal Sources, trading partners...

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Geo Labor Rate & Tax Guide Logo

Geo Labor Rate & Tax Guide

Labor & tax rates differ by state and zip code, making the repair rates difficult to pin down. Our cloud-based application uses location specific information to calculate repair labor & tax rates for any address.

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Total Loss Workbook Logo

Total Loss Workbook

Calculate state taxes and fees based upon vehicle ACV that is compliant across all 51 jurisdictions. Automatic Total Loss Settlement calculation, intelligent user interface, application configuration by client and state.

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