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How to keep business simple by using data

Start with the right solution!

Make sure whatever solution you look into will help improve your business without including more work for you or your team. You’d like to look for a solution with easy to read graphs, integrates with your current solutions, and ideally has one-click access to all your parts data within a simple dashboard.

For example, PSXLink has easy-to-read reports and dashboards to help you get to know customer’s buying behavior better and make quick decisions on pricing strategies to capitalize on opportunities. With PSXLink, in one-click, you can access all your parts department data to quickly monitor and understand where your business stands at that very moment.



Having a proactive approach toward your shops is key to retaining relationships with them. Business Intelligence solutions help to understand their buying behaviors in detail and stay ahead of the competition to ensure that you’re able to sustain and grow your business with them.

Worried about getting your team up to speed since change can be difficult?

Find a solution that integrates with your software you are currently using. By eliminating steps in the day-to-day business, you can work more efficiently and your team won’t need an extensive onboarding process. There are also many resources to push your business forward, for example the OEC Customer Success Team, and OEC Performance Coaching team can help make sure that you and your team are using OEC solutions to optimize your business and succeed.

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