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Sell More Parts

OEConnection is a leader in helping dealers and suppliers sell more parts, improve efficiencies and enhance customer satisfaction. Our technology solutions are used by over 17,000 suppliers in North America and over 30,000 suppliers globally, in the Automotive, Construction and Heavy-Duty Truck industries, creating these industries’ largest online parts buying and selling community.

If you need to find parts faster, reduce idle inventory or gain valuable insight, OEC has the right solution for you. Watch this video to see how OEC can help you.

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Sell More Collision Parts

Increase sales, customer service and long-term relationships with CollisionLink. Used by thousands of collision shops and wholesale parts dealers nationwide, it gives you the ability to effectively convert non-OE parts to OEM parts sales through competitive pricing with automaker parts discount programs and actionable business insights.

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Sell More Mechanical Parts

RepairLink is an easy-to-use solution designed for dealerships to drive more OE parts sales, save time with increased efficiency, and enhance relationships with customers. RepairLink gives shops dealer pricing, availability, and parts illustrations where they are already shopping: online. In fact, online orders have increased 55% over the past year. Here’s your opportunity to maximize your OE parts business with the most cost-effective solution in the market today.

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Dedicated In-Person Coaching for Your Team with One Goal: Sell More Parts

OEC Performance Coaching helps to uncover opportunities and weaknesses, turn those insights into action, and coach your parts department on how to get more parts out the door. We have the industry experience and knowledge to focus on what is uniquely important for your dealership to sell more parts.

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Work smarter by integrating your DMS with OEC.

DMS Connect streamlines order processing by integrating your dealer management system with OEC. Processing orders directly through OEC gives employees time back in their day to get more done and helps ensure accuracy order after order.

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Industry-leading business development and CRM tool built specifically to accelerate wholesale parts growth

Combining the power of PSX with the richness of RepairLink and CollisionLink data allows dealerships to take control of their parts business with actionable insights and easy-to-manage customer information.

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On-Demand Parts Delivery

Connecting the largest network of buyers and OEM dealerships with the largest delivery fleet of crowd-sourced vehicles in the U.S. to help you sell more OEM parts. DeliverNow is THE MOST cost-effective way to service most buyers with same-day, on-demand delivery.

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The Industry’s Most Comprehensive Solution to Locate, Buy, Sell and Manage your OE parts Inventory.

D2DLink is more than just a locator. D2DLink helps you manage your daily parts needs. With D2DLink, you can turn to one solution to buy, sell and manage just-in-time part needs – increasing efficiencies, customer satisfaction and profit.

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Instant Sales Opportunities

D2D Express is the automated solution designed for parts departments to fill backordered parts in just one day. Automatically locate the part from other dealerships nationwide by accessing update parts inventory lists. By continuously monitoring dealer requests, D2DExpress is able to fulfill orders faster, reduce idle inventory, and increase satisfaction of customers by getting their cars back faster.

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Selling Idle Parts Made Easy

PartsBrokerDirect is a personal broker solution that helps dealers move OE parts inventory in bulk for the automotive and heavy-duty truck industries. With an extensive dealer network, buyers and sellers are at the ready to accept offers for parts that otherwise would be taking up valuable shelf space and hurting a parts department bottom line. The broker helps facilitate offers for sellers and buyers, and even obtain shipping quotes to save time and reduce obsolescence in order to reinvest in the fast-moving OE parts.

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Sell your OE Parts Online with our Robust eCommerce Solution

Built into OEC, ConsumerLink Pro is a comprehensive, turnkey solution that enables your dealership to sell OE parts to online shoppers. Our in-house marketing experts will handle the online marketing strategy 24/7 so driving traffic to your online storefront will not be a concern.

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The Easiest Way to Sell OE Parts on eBay

Gain access to millions of new customers by featuring your part listings on eBay. We make the online selling process easy by using information and diagrams from the automaker. You just need to choose the parts you wish to sell and enter a pricing formula, and MarketplaceDirect will do the rest!

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