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What kind of support should I look for when choosing a parts procurement system?

Different parts procurement systems provide various levels of support, but many don’t offer much.
Do your homework. When choosing a parts procurement solution for your mechanical business, make sure it provides answers to all the questions you may have.

RepairLink, and all other OEC solutions, provides support on numerous levels:

Customer Success

Make sure you have people — yes actual people — that gives you tools to make the most out of your invested dollars in a parts solution. For example, whether you’ve used an OEC solution for one day or 1,000 days, the OEC Customer Success team is ready to help you succeed. OEC prepares you — and your customers — for success through multiple support offerings, enabling your business to immediately become productive.

Using data analytics and a ‘best practices’ framework, our experts go beyond features and functionality, taking a proactive approach to drive parts sales through OEC solutions and grow your business. Our goal is for every dealer to realize and experience the value of our solutions.Our sole goal is to help you sell more parts — and you should expect nothing less.

Customer and technical support

Sometimes you have a simple technology question that you prefer to look up yourself. Whatever solution you go with, make sure there is this level of support, at a minimum.

With OEC, we have our Support Center, available 24/7, with thousands of answers to common troubleshooting questions to helpful videos to guide you on how to develop out your wholesale business. A valuable resource for customers who may not know where to start or have hired new staff is the Learning Center within the OEC Support Center. The Learning Center provides quick refreshers on the basics and hot topics. Regardless of the question, the OEC Support Center is always available for help.

For those times when you don’t know how to describe your question, or need an answer immediately, you can call the OEC Customer Support team, available from 8 am – 8 pm ET, ready to take your (or your shop’s) call.

In-Person consultation

If you are serious about growing your parts business, select a solution that goes beyond helping you solve a problem, and offers a new direction. For example, if you’re looking to grow your parts business and want an in-dealership, personalized approach, OEC Performance Coaching is your answer. OEC Performance Coaches work directly with your dealership personnel to implement strategies and improve usage of OEC solutions, which ultimately helps you grow your customer base and sell more parts.

Regardless of the solution you choose, make sure you go with one that has your back, is readily available to support you and your team and helps you reach your business goals.

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