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How can I organize my parts department to better optimize my business?

With a good system you can manage all the moving pieces in a parts department and help your team be more efficient.

There are so many moving pieces in a parts department that often things can get out of control before you know there is a problem. However, if you have a good system to follow, you can help your team be more efficient in their everyday business and eliminate potential mistakes that can be costly to your dealership.

Using bin labels with detailed information about each part can help you keep a clean and tidy stock room. We don’t recommend doing them yourself when there are affordable options out there to save you time. A company like ours has a printing process that offers pre-printed labels that automatically are mailed to you monthly. These labels are updated based on your current inventory that is posted on our D2DLink solution. You can choose from card stock or adhesive labels and will include the following information:

  • Part number
  • Bar code
  • Group number (GM dealers)
  • Part description
  • Bin location

What’s nice is you will receive updates monthly for new parts or parts with new information and you won’t have to worry about updating these bin labels yourself. This type of service makes the organization piece of your department a no-brainer and something that you don’t have to worry about so you can focus on selling more parts and growing your business.

What should my bin label dimensions be?

Most bin labels are around this size:
Card stock: size: 2 7/8” x 7/8” Adhesive labels: size: 3” x 1”

What information should be on my bin labels?

  • Part Number
  • Bar Code
  • Part description
  • Group number and bin location (GM dealers only)
  • Alternate Part number (Ford dealers only)

What do bin labels cost?

Depends on where you get them from. If you get them from OEC, here is a breakdown of cost:

  • Initial prints of bin labels cost: $99 (included)
  • Monthly subscription: $39 (included)
  • Year End reprint: $99 (optional)

For more information on how OEC Bin Labels service can help you organize your department, click here.

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