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How Many Shops Are Buying Parts Online?

In all likelihood, a lot – trust us.

Shops decide how far they want to expand their search when they are searching for parts online. Some focus on a five- to ten-mile radius; others look much further. Obviously, they consider certain criteria, such as how quickly they need the part, how soon they can receive it, and delivery costs. All these considerations play a big part in explaining how many shops are within reach of your dealership.

Also, flexibility is key for shops buying parts online. The easier it is for a shop to do business with you, the more likely it is that they will conduct follow up business with you.

If you sign up for CollisionLink, you can view your Dealer Metrics within the application. This means searching active shops within your footprint (i.e. the shops that will buy parts from you online). This creates opportunities for you to find new shops to reach out to and let them know your parts are available to them through CollisionLink Shop.










Shoot us an email and we can show you an up-to-date list of shops buying online through CollisionLink in your area.

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