How can coaching help sell more parts?

Are your shops ordering every part from you? If not, there’s your answer.

Well, getting shops ordering every part from you is a bit unrealistic, but the goal should be to get your shops ordering most of their part from you. We know that Parts Departments don’t have the time or resources to make this a reality, which is why many dealerships turn to outside help. If your parts are competitively priced against the aftermarket your shops should want to order your OE parts because they are safer easier to install.

Bringing someone in to educate your sales staff will help them talk more confidently about the programs they’re using, making the shops experience better, which creates repeat customers. A coach will come in and look at everything within your wholesale business: phone conversations, routes, program maximization, upselling…the list goes on. This isn’t just about selling more parts, it’s about helping your Parts Department grow.

Take a look at this video about Fred Beans Parts in Doylestown, PA and why they decided in invest in OEC Performance Coaching. They understand there is always room for improvement.

Here are some common questions about coaching:

Why should I use a coach if I don’t need to add new parts purchasing customers?

One of the primary goals of coaching is to get the most out of your current customer base. You may not need to add more shop customers to be successful -- focus on filling up delivery trucks with OE parts.

My shops only buy OE parts already, so how can a coach help me?

We have helped hundreds of dealerships and this is never actually the case. Have you visited your shop customers to see what their parts receiving area looks like? Have you seen LKQ or Keystone pull in their lot? Or WorldPac if they are a mechanical repair facility? If so, they are not buying only OE. While they may never hit 100%, coaching can help you get closer to this goal.

Will coaches be a distraction to my counter staff?

We can’t speak on how other consulting type services work, but our goal is to work alongside your parts counter staff. Our experience in hundreds of dealerships across the country means that we know when to provide advice and when you need to work. When time allows, we discuss and strategize how to get your dealership selling more parts. When your counter staff is working, taking orders and talking to shops, we listen and observe to provide real-time coaching.

Will my inside and outside sales reps use coaching?

We sure hope so! A warm introduction from the decision maker is always suggested to set the stage of consultative help. Your staff needs to know coaching is for them – to help them grow and to make more money. It helps the staff hear you explain that you are investing in them and their personal development, as well as the parts department’s growth. That being said, we have found time and time again that the more committed the leadership is to this process, the more the department will get out of it.Here is a great example of a committed dealership.

Coaching isn’t about telling people how to do their jobs. A good coach will be the first to acknowledge and recognize that your team is already good at their job. You bring in a coach in to educate your team how to get better use out of the programs that are already available to them. And bottom line: your coach’s job is to help all staff members work smarter (not harder) and sell more parts.

Even if your team is apprehensive at first, it doesn’t take a coach long to become part of the team. A coach is there to help your team grow in their careers (and make more money selling parts), so you shouldn’t be too worried about them getting along with a coach.

What if we are too busy for outside consulting?

If you think your parts department is too busy to get help, then you definitely do need help. Coaching helps your team to work smarter. And regardless of what you are doing, you should always have time to work smarter.

What is my ROI on coaching?

You have to look at any consulting type service as an investment, and, at least with OEC Performance Coaching, it’s an investment that will more than pay for itself. The reason we go with the word “coaching” is because we don't tell you what to do. We challenge you on the way you do it. This isn’t “training.” We encourage change in behavior, educate you on how to better compete against the aftermarket and lay a foundation for sustained success and continued growth.

We can show you plenty of examples of success stories, but we find it helpful to see the impact of coaching on a manufacturer as a whole. Mercedes-Benz is a good example because we have coached about half of their dealerships. The below chart shows the difference between coached and non-coached dealerships.


If we take a look at GM, the impact of coaching becomes clear: 15 of the top 25 CollisionLink dealers and 19 of the top 25 RepairLink dealers have received coaching. A lot of dealerships get a return on their investment after the first couple of days of coaching, but there is not an exact science to this. Every dealership is different and every set of problems are unique, so your consultant or coach can easily help you with setting up an ROI specific to your dealership.

What do coaches bring to the table that I don’t already know?

Again, we can’t speak for other consulting type services, but with OEC Performance coaching we know the OEC solutions inside and out, and most times all other programs better than most. We work with dealers and shops every single day and implement best practices and success stories that are proven to work.

Lots of companies claim to have "the answers." They rarely do. We know that our customers are smarter about their day-to-day than we are. It’s not necessarily about knowing more than your counter people, it’s about educating them on how to take full advantage of the tools already available to them, and having the expertise to add new tools where necessary.

I don’t have an Outside Sales Rep. Do I need coaching?

Every parts department is different, and regardless of whether you have an Outside Sales Rep, coaching covers many aspects of selling parts. In our mind, your Inside Sales Rep is the key to greatness. They are the linchpin and Outside Sales Reps are there to drive it home.

Part of our coaching is getting your Inside Sales Reps out in front your shops so they can put a face with a name. You know this business is all about relationships, and we want to help your Inside Sales Reps sell, rather than take orders.

Our shops don’t like to use the computer. How can we overcome this through coaching?

How do you think shops order from the aftermarket? Trust us – they use computers. Too many parts departments just accept this as an excuse for shops to not order parts through them. Coaching can help your counter people identify these shops and get them up to speed on your parts ordering solutions, such as CollisionLink and RepairLink, which allows them to buy OE parts at a more competitive price. Read more on: How to improve your shop relationships.

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