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Body Shop Performance Consulting

Is your body shop performing at its highest level? Improving your operations – from the way your team interacts with customers to the way they manage and process repairs – can have a significant impact on your bottom line. The Body Shop Performance Improvement Plan is designed to take your shop to peak performance.

Body Shop Performance Improvement Plan

How do you know there is room for improvement?

By understanding your most critical body shop processes, identifying your operation’s strengths and weaknesses, and implementing an action plan, your body shop can move to the next level and be more successful. A thorough analysis can help you measurably improve your sales and operating processes and hit your financial goals.

Why partner with Summit Consulting?

At Summit Consulting, we know that success is based upon a combination of many factors relating to management practices, departmental processes and, above all else, people. For two decades, we have provided expertise and customized programs to hundreds of independently-owned and dealership-owned body shops, and administered numerous OEM certification programs such as Toyota, Lexus, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, and Maserati. We will compare your performance against the best in the industry, and our consulting approach looks beyond standard solutions to develop new insights and new ideas that produce results.

What’s In The Plan?

Your Onsite Process Improvement Analysis includes:

  • Financial Performance Review
    • Sales and Gross Profit Margins
    • Expense Control
    • Net Profit Results
    • Receivables Review
  • Sales Process/Closing Ratio Review
    • Customer Engagement Process
  • Estimate Writing Practices
    • Estimate Completeness
    • Missed Sales Opportunities
  • Repair Plan Preparation Review
    • Preparing Complete Repair Plans
    • Blueprinting
    • Finalizing Production
  • Production Flow
    • Work Scheduling and Dispatching
    • Parts Procurement Process
    • Supplements Process
    • Quality Control
  • Vehicle Delivery Process Evaluation
    • Final Billing
    • Physical Delivery
  • Management Practices Review
    • Technician Proficiency Performance
    • Cycle Times and Throughput Results
    • Pay Plan Analysis
  • Facility Review


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Ready to Get Started?

Following the detailed onsite analysis, we will develop an action plan for ongoing performance improvement, focusing on both the successes and improvement opportunities.