Accessible. Efficient. Simple.

Produce real-time reports that help improve workshop quality, reducing comebacks and improving client satisfaction, freeing up your service bays for more clients and greater profitability.

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Reduce comebacks and improve customer satisfaction with CheckLink

It only takes 10 minutes to check a vehicle

The data gathered then becomes the building blocks of efficient quality control and reports are delivered in 'real-time'.

Connects workshops and customers

Quick and simple to use, workshop staff can enter data to support quality and improvement across the entire workshop.

Key Functionality

CheckLink manages quality control and tracks throughput and workshop performance. Because CheckLink is entirely web-based, no extra software is needed. Reports are delivered in 'real-time' so fresh data is available in analysis.

CheckLink identifies repetitive issues, increases control over workshop quality and encourages staff to engage with an ongoing programme of self improvement, which improves customer experience and loyalty, encouraging them to return time after time.


CheckLink is quick and easy to use. Not only does it increase workshop control quality but it empowers employees to understand the importance of quality and attention to detail. This promotes best practice, rectifies repetitive issues and improves service bay utilisation and throughput.

All of the above manages client's expectations, reduces comebacks and improves the overall experience. This means that you retain clients and increase loyalty and with loyal customers 5x more likely to purchase again, this will lead to higher profitability.


  • Over 4,000 dealers across 30 markets use CheckLink
  • 2+ million vehicles already quality checked in over 30 countries worldwide
  • 500,000+ repeat repairs avoided
  • 96% of users experience 30% improvement in the first year
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