Parts Central Billing

Simple. Transparent. Proven.

Parts Central Billing is recognised by all major fleet and insurance companies. This platform allows them to transact with total confidence on national genuine parts pricing structures agreed directly with OEMs.

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Maximise your trade genuine parts revenue through our trusted central billing platform.


Connect fleets, customers, OEMs and franchised dealers.


Used by major manufacturers to manage key customer national pricing agreements.


Managing over £3 million+ of monthly transactions, it’s proven to be stable, robust and reliable.


Multiple options to suit all, ranging from total debt management to financial account reporting provision.

Connect Customers, Fleets, OEMs, and Franchised Dealers

Parts Central Billing takes care of the invoicing and payment process, collecting payments from customers and reallocating them to the individual franchised dealers that supplied the parts.

This simplifies parts point of sale through negotiated pricing, invoicing, payment schemes and optimises information flow in real-time, providing up-to-the-minute data.

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