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​Why Dealers Should Sell Manufacturer Parts Online

Retail ecommerce is a newer area for dealers and, as we all know, change can be hard.

Dealers often ask if selling Manufacturer parts online to consumers is worth the effort. It’s an understandable question. Retail ecommerce is a new area for most dealers and, as we all know, change can be hard. But change can also be a good thing. Selling parts online is a good thing too.

Here are a few reasons to make the change and sell your Manufacturer parts online:

Capture a New Audience

A main reason to sell parts online is to establish a new customer base, and a new revenue stream, outside of normal wholesale. You already have a captive audience with your collision and mechanical parts. This system is firmly in place because you have local body shops and repair shops that are already buying parts from you. But what about the general public that needs or wants Manufacturer parts.

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