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Shop concern of the month: Investing in technology

Shop concern of the month: Investing in technology

The complexity of cars is on the rise, and it is creating an increased need for the right vehicle manufacturer data. In fact, there are three million more lines of computer code to operate a 2015 Ford GT than there is in a Boeing 787¹. So how could shops possibly keep up?

Challenge your shop to be a top notch technological shop

When it comes to providing great customer service, the top words that always come to mind are quick and efficient. And a shop’s systems, workflows, and processes have to be equally as efficient to quickly fix the vehicles that come into the bays. Finding the perfect balance of features in a technology solution is key to success and ultimately customer satisfaction in a fast, and high-quality repair of their vehicle.

For finding and buying parts, the best solutions always contain the following must-have features:

  • Accurate Part illustrations and diagrams that come directly from the manufacturer
  • OE options
  • VIN-based parts search
  • Pricing and availability
  • Real-time order updates

While there can be some aversion to working with new technology, making smart investments in the right shop solutions can be the make-or-break for a shop’s survival in the ever-changing and increasingly complex automotive parts world.

Check out USA Today’s highlighted article from OEC’s Vice President of Mechanical, Jon Palazzo to learn more about why your shop should invest in technology.

¹Digital Trends, 2015.