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Why is it called coaching and not training?

Coaching isn't about telling you how to click a few buttons. It’s about sustained success in the Parts Department.
When coaching is mentioned, it’s usually related to sports. However, businesses across all industries are realizing that coaching isn’t exclusive to sports teams; it applies to everyday business as well. It applies to your business — and it makes profitable sense.

Coaches inspire, build up skills and develop an actionable plan their team can execute.

An OEC Performance Coach is no different. An OEC Performance Coach doesn’t come in and tell you what to do; they show you why you should do it. A trainer would come in, tell you what buttons to click and then leave. A Coach takes the time to educate your team on best practices, identify strengths and weaknesses and lay a foundation for sustained success and continued growth in your parts department. Most importantly, a Coach fosters departmental growth and personal development. Your success is a Coach’s success.

At OEC, we pride ourselves on our definition of the term, “Coach.” Because that’s exactly what OEC Performance Coaches do – they coach. You may often hear us correct dealers who call us “trainers” or “consultants”, because they’re so much more than that. Our Coaches are in the weeds with you, fighting the same fight. No trainer or consultant is going to have that kind of investment in your success.

Everybody needs a coach once in a while. Heck, even Tom Brady has a quarterback coach, someone who analyzes his technique and provides insight on how to change things up to make him a better player, a better teammate, a better winner. That’s the difference between coaching and training.

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