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How do I build enough trust with my shops that they will buy from me online?

​We all know relationships are built on trust, and you know what shops care about.
  • Communication. The first couple of times, let your shops know you received their order so they know they did it correctly.
  • Quick response times. Since shops can’t see your response time, dealers need to respond fast — we’re talking within five to ten minutes.
  • Competitive pricing. Make it easy for your shops to come to you for all their parts, not just certain ones.
  • Reliable delivery options. If you do two deliveries per day, tell them that. It doesn’t mean you have to deliver every 30 minutes. Shops appreciate accurate delivery options (whatever you may do) and that you always follow through.
  • Illustrations they can see themselves. Instead of having them wait on hold and asking you a part, they can look it up themselves and know the exact part they click on is the part they are getting. They can also find parts they didn’t even know they needed.

Most of all, shops care about you not wasting their time. If you can streamline their ordering process, it will always be appreciated.

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